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Welcome to OreoMS! Our rates are 1000x/500x/25x. Have fun playing and don’t forget to vote every 6 hours!

OreoMS Chat  This is where you can ask questions and we will gladly answer

1. Helping comes before all. General topics are allowed but helping takes top priority.
2. Be respectful. Don't say anything that may offend someone, including "flaming" a person, group, race, chat etc.
3. Be appropriate. No sexual pictures, names, etc. No bad smiley combinations. No flirting. No talk about drugs.
4. Don't advertise any website or any xat chats or etc.
5. Don't impersonate. Don't impersonate xat staff, volunteers.
6. Don't request a higher rank. Asking for mod/owner is strictly forbidden. You must earn your position.
7. English only. The only language that is acceptable here is English (unless you are using the translator).
8. Don't spam messages or smiles or powers and etc.
9. Give staff respect. The staff of Help are volunteering their time to help out and keep the chat clean.
10. Obey the Rules. Failure to do so will result in a ban.